Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Company Name

 X・bal Co., Ltd.


 Okuda Bldg. 3134 Fukai Higashi-machi, Naka-  ku, Sakai city, Osaka, JAPAN


 Telephone  +81-72-278-1833

 Fax +81-72-278-1835



Representative  Kusumi OKUDA, CEO

 10 million yen 

Bankof account  Resona Bank

Corporate history


 Started business from the management of  company buildings and apartments 

March 10, 1998: 


January 2013: 

 Started cosmetics marketing business

X-bal Company building and apartments
X-bal Joli Cadeau
From the time when I was working for a public junior high school as an English teacher, I have had an idea to develop a fragrance that can blow away the daily fatigue and regain freshness. Then, more than 10 years ago, I took over the building management business from my grandfather after I left the teaching profession, and started to plan to develop an original fragrance. Consequently, the brand called Joli Cadeau was born with two products, Eau de Parfum and Body Mist. They are both formulated with a moisturizing agent respectively, and designed in the hope not only to share the joy of the aroma but also bring relief to mind and body of everyone. Furthermore, currently, we are proceeding the development of a perfume (parfum in French), which contains the highest concentration of fragrant components with same aroma. We will continuously try our best in order to fulfill our wishes - meeting and even exceeding your expectations with the development of products, and hope that they will be loved by everyone. Thank you very much.
X-bal CEO Kusumi Okuda
Kusumi OKUDA, CEO X・bal Co., Ltd.